Light & Sound Bath (Berlin) / by angela flame

A wonderful Wednesday evening of light & sound journeying awaits at Your Space Berlin.

Let healing frequencies of sound and flickering light surround and bathe you, realigning and reharmonising you to a better state of being.

3x sessions available of up to 5 persons each:
* 8pm
* 8.45pm
* 9.15pm

Exchange: 15€ (early bird) / 20€ (at the door)
Email or PM to reserve:

* Deep relaxation, release and meditation
* Reduce anxiety, stress
* Calm hyperactivity, increasing focus and concentration
* Balance the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body
* Sleep improvement, aid for insomnia
* Creative visualisation
* Lucid dreaming

Please do not come on a full stomach and please stay well hydrated to ensure an optimum experience.

==Not suitable if you are: light sensitive or have ever had any kind of seizure or epilepsy, severe head injury or concussion, currently taking any medication, if you suffer from heart or other health troubles which require medical treatment or pregnant==.

Licht Therapie Berlin
Using flickering light, the PandoraStar is a light machine that entrains your brainwaves to alpha, theta and beyond. Through closed eyelids, users will experience a kaleidoscopic array of dynamic colours, patterns and images as they release themselves into deeply meditative and relaxing states, whilst emerging rejuvenated, refreshed and revived.

Debbie Chia
A DJ by night, Debbie Chia also works as a healing facilitator by light. Behind the PandoraStar R@SES program, which has been well received by users around the world, Debbie has held space for over 200 voyagers to date, ensuring their optimum comfort and ease as they come to terms with their beautiful inner selves.