Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water.
— Bruce Lee

We are proud to be the Singapore distributor of Flaska, the eco-friendly and reusable glass water bottle, uniquely programmed with Orgone Energy (Qi) for better drinking water on the go. It's not chemistry, it's alchemy!

Drink up the good vibes, Flaska is your portable water spring.

Available in different sizes, sleeve designs and material for everyone in the family. Flaska bottles are available at 15 locations in Singapore.




"Ever since I changed my diet, I justified that if I eat more raw veg and drink my juices, I do not need to drink much water. For years, I don't drink more than a glass a day, most days, zero. Until recently I started using essential oils and eliminating a lot, I find myself craving water as I was thirsty all the time. But distilled water tastes boring n a chore to me. Friends started to use Flaska glass bottles and swear by it. I was skeptical and chose to wait and see. When I finally got my bottle, I started to enjoy my water so much more. Then my monkey mind started to wonder, "Aiya it is placebo effect lah, cos everyone say it's good so it is good lor".
I went to research further about water and it makes sense to me that water has memories. And in our city life, water goes through un natural paths and materials, along the way, the structure of the water is broken. So this bottle with its technology, vibrationally structure the water to its more natural state. Science aside, I know it is good as I now enjoy drinking water. I just pour my distilled water and let the bottle sit for 5mins before drinking. Furthermore, the bottle is pleasing to look at and environmentally friendly.
Now I bring it to my bedroom every night. It has changed how I look at water."

— Wong Hsiao Kee