Angela and Debbie have been trained by renowned sound healing authority and the founder of the Sound Healers Association, Jonathan Goldman, in Loveland, Colorado. They work with solfeggio frequencies, tuning forks and sacred instruments such as singing bowls plus other healing modalities for both individual and group intuitive sound healing sessions. Conjuring up deeply meditative soundscapes including field recordings and nature sounds combining their extensive DJing experience with the intention to heal.

Angela Flame has performed around the world as a techno DJ during the heat of techno’s heydey including at Tresor, Awakenings Festival, Future Shock Party and Love Parade and elsewhere around Europe from Poland to Croatia. From intimate clubs to 10,000-strong festivals, she has made her mark in the techno world, especially during a residency stint in Berlin from 2001 – 2004. Today, she has deepened her practice and transformed her focus into the field of sound healing and as a practicing healer of medical intuitive, subconscious reprogramming, chakra balancing and Reiki for both pets and humans.


Debbie Chia is a DJ and co-owner of the house and techno label Midnight Shift. She has delved into healing, ambient realms fuelled by her personal meditation practice, inner work and spiritual self-discovery in search for a deeper state of calm. Her meditative sound mixes have been aired in Scoot airplanes, on Glasgow’s Subcity radio, for the One Imperative online magazine, while she has performed in Singapore, Sulawesi for the Eclipse Festival 2016 and in Taipei for the Organik Festival. Debbie was also a former Red Bull Music Academy participant in 2005.

Together, Angela and Debbie form [RE]2, a creative healing energy source that works with water, light, sound and life through the realisations of Flaska, PandoraStar and Trinfinity8 in Singapore.