Interview: Christiaan Virant (FM3 Buddha Machine) by angela flame

How did you find yourself based in China?

Went for university in the 80s and for some reason just never left. Perhaps I became addicted to the constant development, evolution, destruction and rebirth.

What resonates with you about the people, culture there?

Beijing, the urban space, most fascinates me. In the old days, it was a sprawling but empty city. After 9pm it was hard to find an open restaurant, there was never any traffic on the road, and the pace of life was slow and quiet. Then development hit and all was washed away. 

A strange habit that you have?

I’ll spend months on end listening to only classical music from a single composer. It’s like the time a friend of mine in Taipei ate only chicken nuggets for an entire month… Not recommended.

Some tips for Beijing right now? Favourite dish?

These summer days are hot and pollution is heavy. Autumn is still the best time to visit, with warm days, cool nights and beautiful blue skies!  Best music in town can be found at Dada in the Gulou area.

Musically, where are you at in your career right now?
Back to a happy childhood. More fuzzy glow, less Strum und Drang.

What are you looking forward to the rest of the year?
New album “Ting Shuo” will be released in China in October. And in November the world-wide release of Buddha Machine 5!

What can we look forward to for your set on 11 Jul?
I’ll perform the entire new “Ting Shuo” album at the gig in Gem, so people there will be among the first to hear the final work. The music is meditative, minimal and easy to digest. Plus there are some nice visuals to accompany the performance.

The first thing you do when you wake up? The last thing you do before bed?
Meditation. My girlfriend used to hate it, cos it’s not very romantic! But it makes daily life flow like a warm soft honey pump!

[RE]2 with Christiaan Virant
11 July 2014
9pm - 1am
Manor Bar, 8 Ann Siang Hill

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