Licht Therapie with Debbie (Berlin)

Licht Therapie with Debbie (Berlin)


Consciousness hacking, brainwave entrainment with psychedelic results! 

Explore your colourful inner world through light brainwave entrainment paired with healing sounds. Access relaxing and empowering alpha, theta and gamma states just by closing your eyes and allowing the light and sound frequencies to bathe and re-balance you naturally.

- Relaxation and meditation
- Sleep improvement
- Creative visualisation
- Self-discovery and awareness
- Mental focus and clarity
- Lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying and more

AMAZING!!!!!!!! First time i felt a huge warm wave rush through my entire body with the Pandora Star . Very beautiful and full of colorful visuals . I also had a moment of being shown my entire past from the first moment i could ever remember clear up to now.I am very impressed Debbie and thank you for your wonderful creation!!!

Thank you Debbie, my wife Coco and myself tried your program today and we found it amazing ! It is very warm, gentle and protective with very nice colors.

Thank you Debbie. Great program and music
very relaxing and beautiful. I enjoy it. I'd like it's longer.

Enorme!!! super programme!!! merci beaucoup! fais en d'autres!!!


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