If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

Trinfinity8 is a frequency transmission device used by clients who are connected to the machine via specially-designed hand-held crystal rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. Many Trinfnity8 users report feeling subtle energy effects during and after use, such as more energy and calm. 

For those who have used and benefited from a bioresonance machine, you are most welcome to try the Trinfinity8 and compare the results from using crystal as opposed to metal rods.

Available by appointment only at:

La Source Spa Singapore +65 6732 1318
15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building, #01-03/04, Singapore 228218

Soma Clinic Singapore +65 6204 6009
545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #16-07, Singapore 238882


"I am so thankful that I met you and receive Trinfinity8 healing. I was initially skeptical about Trinfinity8, but after researching about it, I decided to give it a try. I have been suffering from food and respiratory allergies for about 5 years and I also have some pre-existing illness. My primary intention is to heal my food allergies which was relative disruptive to my life. I was allergic to crustaceans, eggs and nuts and will develop hives if I consume food contain any of the item. After 3 sessions of Trinfinity8, my reaction to allergens improved. What amaze me was that I feel energetic and everything in life seemed to be in perfect flow. I could handle challenges at work at ease. Relationship with people improved. People constantly tell me that I look very radiant. The whole experience after Trinfinity8 is that “my intentions and thought are manifested and they become my reality”. If there is any one course that an individual were to embark, Trinfinity8 will be the best gift that an individual can give themselves."
—  Rossana, based in Singapore, treated 4-5x, once a week.

"In the beginning I was very sceptical on the benefits of using any energy work to help me. Almost ten years ago I suffered a very traumatic accident that affected my head and currently I have two titanium plates in my head. I also currently have an Avascular Necrosis problem with both my hips. This means that I am very familiar with pain and I am affected by it almost every day.

After the first session I could already feel the results. If you are a non-believer in these types of therapies trust me you have to try it and you will be immediately convinced.

After the first session my energy levels went up and the pain was reduced drastically. My whole body shifted and after being diagnosed with a major hip problem I could already start to feel differences. My body started to heal. After continuing with the therapy I can safely say that the effects and the pain have subsided and I can even feel that my hip is starting to heal. It has really made a big impact on my life and it is truly wonderful how it have helped my quality of life improve.

- Dominic, based in Thailand, came 3-4x a week for treatment and then returned to Thailand.

"I chose the programme to boost self-confidence and during the session, there was a lot of twitching in my body - a sign that the energy was working. I believed it played its part in what would be a longer healing process for me. This product would suit people who have a very logical and scientific approach to Spirituality."

—  Ashoka, based in Singapore, came once for treatment.

"Trinfinity8  is a very new healing method for me. The experience with it was awesome and I felt incredible relaxation from each treatment. For trinfinity8, the vibration from the crystal rods can be felt strongly. After that session, i felt instant relief on my neck and shoulders. The release of tension from my neck helped me to sleep better at night."

— Lucas Goh, was treated 3x.